Ishinomaki Report 2011.3.30

Several people have taken refuge in a small store. We took about 2.5 tons worth of goodssuch as futon, daily necessities and food to this shelter at the request of the store’s owner. When I checked the status today (April 1), they told me that already 90% of the goods were gone as people within the community were coming to get what they needed.

Many people are still desperately struggling just to survive. Many have lost everything in the tsunami. The things they need for daily life are not available without traveling long distances and they either have no car or no gasoline to get there. Even when there are goods available in stores, they are too expensive for many people to buy. As people are still obviously in need of basic necessities, Second Hand has sent another 6-ton truck shipment today (April 2) to Ishinomaki. Hayashida Distribution Service, a company in Sakaide, is providing the truck and driver and covering all shipping costs.

Local people with Second Hand and TICO members in front of the truck


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