Ishinomaki Report 2011.4.2

April 2

6th Truckload of Supplies Leaves Takamatsu!

For our 6th shipment, Hayashida Distribution Service, a local Kagawa company, covered all shipping costs and supplied the truck and driver. From the moment the extent of the disaster became clear, the company president, Mr. Shiota, had repeatedly told his employees, “If Second Hand calls to request a truck, be sure to say ‘yes!’” When we offered to at least pay for fuel, Mr. Shiota responded, “Use that money for something else instead!” We were very grateful for this generous act and for the reminder of how fortunate we are to have local companies like this to help us. The money saved on gas will be used for the next stage of assistance.

This trip, Yasuko Nitta, the founder of Second Hand, accompanied the supplies. On April 2, at 6 AM, she helped load the truck and headed off with the driver for Ishinomaki in Miyagi. Here is her report.

~A Series of Coincidences and Little Miracles~

To avoid traffic jams, we traveled via the Japan Sea route. We were just entering the prefecture of Toyama on the Japan Sea side when I received a phone call from a Second Hand volunteer living near Tokyo. He said he had ordered miso and soy sauce from Toyama for the disaster area and was having it sent to Second Hand in Takamatsu. A quick detour brought us to the shop and we reached it just as the owner finished filling out the delivery form – a little miracle that saved time and money. When he learned we were taking this order to the disaster area, the owner, a true gentleman, said, “I can’t possibly accept the full price for these goods.” He only charged 40% of the regular price and gave us many other things to take with us as well. One small miracle leads to another – something we experience often at Second Hand.

Packing miso and other supplies into the truck at Toyama

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