Report on actions to date 2011.4.12

To Our Supporters

Here is a brief outline of what we have been doing to date, starting with the most recent activity first. Many thanks to all our supporters for donating money, supplies and manpower, and for volunteering to sort, pack and ship the supplies. Without you, none of this would be possible!!

9th Shipment (Transport by Hayashida Distribution Service)

April 12: Sent a 6-ton load of supplies including cardboard partitions supplied by Keizu Shipping Co. to provide privacy in the shelters, as well as abacus, and futon to Ishinomaki. Included in this shipment were blankets, disposable diapers and other items collected by Takamatsu city. Also sent udon (noodles) and soy sauce donated by a local company to Iwate prefecture.

April 10: Held a public meeting to report on activities to date, conditions and needs in the disaster area, and on the response to the aid provided to date. Attended by 34 people including representatives of the Takamatsu municipal government and the press.

8th Shipment

April 9: Contacted by a Takamatsu resident who offered to transport supplies in their car. This person was going to Miyagi to search for missing relatives. Supplies sent included notebooks, writing materials, etc. for the abacus classroom as well as soap and other daily necessities.

7th Shipment (Transport by Hayashida Distribution Service)

April 2: Delivered 6 tons of supplies to Onagawa in Ishimaki, Miyagi prefecture. We concentrated on reaching people who are isolated in their homes or small, improvised shelters. These people do not have easy access to the supplies delivered to the official shelters. We are working with key people in the locality to identify local needs and make sure supplies reach those who need them most. All shipping costs including the truck and driver were covered by Hayashida Distribution Service (Sakaide City, Kagawa: President Shiota).

6th Shipment

March 29-31: Cooked hot meals (total: 600 servings) at shelters in Ishinomaki, Miyagi. Second Hand volunteers supplied a 4-ton truck, a temporary kitchen and ingredients. They also carried and delivered necessary supplies for the local people. One Second Hand staff accompanied the truck to survey local needs.

5th Shipment

March 25/26: A volunteer from Takamatsu traveled to Natori and Ishinomaki and delivered medical supplies for TICO and diapers, sanitary towels, toothbrushes, wet wipes and rice supplied by Second Hand.  

4th Shipment

March 23: Collected, sorted and packed additional supplies needed by the Ishinomaki High School shelter. Shipped 41 boxes the same day.

3rd Shipment

March 22: Made contact with a coordinator in Ishinomaki High School shelter through a reliable source. Gathered supplies in response to specific needs. Sent 30 boxes via a local delivery company. Delivered supplies on March 24 and distributed them to those in need.

2nd Shipment

March 17-21: Began an appeal for goods in the morning and continued to collect supplies over the next 4 days. Packed a 10-ton truck with supplies on March 21. The truck reached the designated shelter in Natori, Miyagi on March 22.

1st Shipment

Worked with TICO, an NGO based in Tokushima, to provide needed supplies to Natori. The 1st shipment was a 4-ton load sent from Tokushima.

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