Report on Donations to Date 2011.4.15


Many thanks to everyone for donating to the Tohoku disaster relief efforts. All donations to Second Hand that are earmarked for the disaster relief fund are used solely for disaster relief.

Total donations received to date (April 15) amount to over 2 million yen. So far, we have made the following purchases for the disaster area with these funds:

1. 8,840 yen: futon covers for bedding distributed to Ishinomaki shelters and homes (April 1)

2. 116,620 yen: kitchen equipment for the Ishinomaki High School shelter including 2 gas burners, 10 rice cookers, knives, pots and cutting boards. (All of these items can also be passed on to needy families when the shelter eventually closes.)

We expected to spend a substantial amount of funds on shipping costs but thanks to the cooperation of businesses and individuals who have supplied trucks, drivers and fuel, so far no shipping costs have been incurred. We deeply appreciate this support.

The Next Step

While continuing to provide supplies as needed, Second Hand plans to use donated funds to support the Cash For Work Project. (See the “Cash For Work Project” post.)

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